The rules for visiting Turkey, United Kindom and Tanzania

The rules for visiting Turkey, United Kindom and Tanzania became known


A coronavirus test will not be required when entering Turkey or checking into a hotel. The test is also optional at the airport.

On request, the analysis can be taken for € 15 in the air harbors of Istanbul, Antalya, Dalaman and Izmir.

During the flight to Turkey, you will need to fill out a special form, where you indicate your passport data, seat number in the aircraft cabin, hotel address and contacts.

If a passenger with coronavirus is found on a flight, those who sat in two seats in front of him, behind and on the sides will be quarantined for two weeks.

At airports, all tourists will have their temperature measured, and if someone’s temperature rises, they can be sent to the hospital for examination.

United Kindom

As for the UK, according to the recommendations published on the official government website, quarantine of 14 days is mandatory for all arriving in the Kingdom from Pakistan.

So it’s not possible to plan active excursion tours yet. In addition, it will be necessary to fill out a special questionnaire.


If you suddenly decide to travel to Tanzania, know that you do not need to undergo quarantine in this African country, as well as provide a certificate of absence of COVID. Temperature measurement is waiting for you at the airport and hotel.

It is important to note that upon returning from these countries to their country, tourists may be required to pass a test for the absence of coronavirus or have a certificate of the absence of the virus with them.

In some countries, it is also necessary to undergo a two-week quarantine as an alternative.

It is necessary to know about these features in advance and it is advisable to obtain competent advice.

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