Migration Consulting Franchise

The first franchise center for migration consulting.

A successful business model, proven in practice and your opportunity to earn.

  • 11 years in the immigration consulting market,
  • immigration programs in more than 73 countries of the world,
  • partnership with more than 400 immigration lawyers,
  • more than 4,000 visas have been issued,
  • the main offices are located in Kiev and Islamabad.

Why it is more profitable to buy a franchise in migration consulting than to start from scratch

The main reason for buying a franchise is that you won’t have a headache when you think about the question – how to organize all the necessary data so that you can correctly advise people on migration issues. And, of course, the question of the correct search for clients will sharply arise.

A franchise can help with:

  • Name. If you start from scratch, no one will know about you. And if the franchise, which already has experience in the field of consulting – you can count on recognition. Although, of course, speaking about the field of migration consulting, recognition is too big a word. However, all the same, people who are in search of good advice will primarily turn to large firms, and not those that are open only in one small town and very recently.
  • Marketing company. If you open your own consultation center, you will need to get a good, working site. Because the search for answers to questions from customers now always begins with the Internet. A really good site is investment. A site that is promoted in search engines is an additional investment. If you become part of an existing consulting firm, then you can surely count on ready-made tools in terms of online marketing.
  • Ready-made start and work scheme. Usually, buying a franchise implies that you will work according to the head office scheme, in accordance with the regulations and the overall style of the entire network. There is nothing wrong with this, given that often the franchisor has already managed to study all standard situations and questions from customers by the time you start and has answers to them. Agree, it is much more profitable to immediately bet on quality service for your customers.
  • Exclusive right to the city. Let’s make a reservation right away that not all franchisors provide such a feature. But in the case of the migration marketing niche, it would come in handy. Because to have several branches for a center of consultations on migration issues is logical only for the largest cities. In those, whose population is barely a million people – this is useless. And exclusivity is a good way to limit the growth of the network in the “wrong” direction.

The company is engaged in providing immigration services of a qualitatively new level.

Our product is a system of comprehensive support for the center’s clients on all issues related to departure, stay, training and employment abroad; obtaining citizenship and residence permit.

Huge target audience.

Customers from Pakistan, China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, USA, Canada, EU countries, Nigeria, Zambia, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan are served, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and other countries.
Services are provided for moving to a residence permit, permanent residence, finding a job, training, starting and maintaining a business, supporting investment in real estate, assistance in foreign economic activity (export and import), adaptation in a new country, treatment and childbirth, registration of marriages, legal assistance in family, civil, criminal and business processes.

The widest geography, the company works with 73 countries around the world and is constantly expanding its borders.

The company fruitfully cooperates with partners from European, Asian and American countries.

And the franchisee receives support from professionals in their field who can help your clients fulfill their dreams and overcome the difficulties associated with moving, working or studying in another country.

Franchise Description

The franchisor provides each partner with territorial law. Accompanies at all stages, teaches the basics of immigration consulting and provides information support.

Profit calculation example

Send a request to our representative, and we will send all the necessary information and answer all questions.

Financial conditions

Investments: 50 000 dollars.

Lump-sum payment: 370,000 PKR.

Royalty: None

Training and support


The basics of immigration consulting – a unique 16-step course from the founder and head of the company, which maximally reveals the secrets of successful business.

Step-by-step instructions for starting and developing a business.

Continuous up-to-date training on products and countries.

Regular training in sales and communication with customers.

All training is based on real examples and cases with maximum immersion.


Individual support chat for each partner.

Consultations at startup and at all stages of work.

Daily updates on programs and countries, new legislation and current news.

Providing applications from customers in your region at the initial stage of launch.

Providing advertising layouts and content for social networks and other on-line and off-line sites.

PR and advertising support for partners on their own resources and portals.

Mutual support of partners.

Requirements for partners

  • Priority is given to partners with experience in the visa or immigration business.
  • Partners with experience in tourism business and consulting are also a priority.
  • This business can also be started by any partner without experience, here an important component is your ability to learn, absorb information and develop every day with us.

Room requirements

from 10 sq.m. (1 marla)

Answers to frequently asked questions

What do you think is the most important factor when choosing your franchise?

UIP is a unique center for immigration consulting. We are the only company offering immigration services for all walks of life, regardless of income and type of employment.
We provide clients with immigration services, employment abroad, training, starting a business, adapting to a new country, treatment and childbirth in more than 73 countries.

How do your franchisees make money?

Franchisees receive a commission from services paid by the client for immigration, work or study abroad, starting a business, adapting to a new country, medical treatment and childbirth in one of more than 73 countries.

What are the expenses of the franchisee at the stage of launching the franchise?

The lump sum is $ 50,000, which includes the cost of opening an office and advertising for one year.

Do you provide contacts to existing franchisees?

All contacts of operating franchisees are located on our official website.

In which cities is it worth opening a franchise?

In the cities of Pakistan, China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, USA, Canada, EU countries, Nigeria, Zambia, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia , Azerbaijan, Armenia and other countries.

How do you teach and where?

Training is conducted online.

Do you help find and train employees?

The franchisee is directly involved in the search for employees, but each of the new employees takes our course on “Fundamentals of Immigration Consulting”.

What are your competitive advantages?

  • the whole range of immigration services
  • wide geography, we work with more than 73 countries
  • availability of a unique adaptation program for immigrants in different countries
  • ongoing support and training of partners
  • provision of customer applications in your region at the initial stage of launch
  • promoted and recognizable brand

How many employees do I need?

From 1 employee, depending on your region