Study in University of London

Education for schoolchildren and former Soviet countries graduating from school this year in London at a college in Islamabad.

The advantage is that after graduating from some universities in Pakistan, an English diploma is issued, which is recognized not only in the EU, but also in England, Canada and the United States.

We offer training at the best colleges in Pakistan offering degrees from the University of London.

The University of London is a federal research university located in London, England.


Faculties of Higher National Programs (first two years):


  • Art and design.
  • Business and administration.
  • Computer science.
  • Architecture and construction.
  • Creative media production.
  • Management in the field of tourism.

Directions of the University of London (third and fourth year):


  • General international relations.
  • Bachelor in Technical Sciences (Economics, Management, Finance, Social Sciences, Creative Computer Technology).
  • Social sciences and common law.
  • Bachelor of Laws.
  • Master of Laws.
  • Accounting.
  • Cost

The cost of tuition in the first and second years is about $ 6,000, ie $ 3,000 per year (paid $ 1,000 per semester) + initial fees of about $ 2,000.

The result is a college diploma.

The third year costs 6250 dollars, the result is a degree diploma (as our bachelor).

The third year also if studying in Pakistan costs 6250 dollars, as a result you receive the master’s degree.

You can finish the third year in England, there will certainly be three times more expensive.

Accommodation and running costs

Accommodation in private dormitories in Islamabad from 50 to 100 dollars a month, for 150 you can even rent a separate apartment.

Food prices are cheap, about the same as in Ukraine.

Winter is warm and sunny. Fruits and vegetables all year round, cheaper than ours.

Drunkenness, debauchery, drug addiction, as in Europe, no. The country is Muslim, but without excesses.

But security is higher than any European city.

And most importantly, people from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are treated with respect, not as third-world waste.

The country is touristy, multicultural, there is something to see, very hospitable, not spoiled by foreigners, so the locals all treat foreigners and even pay for you.

Part-time work


You can work in restaurants in parallel, as in Europe, but many simply, having the practice of English, already work as online sellers in the American market, improving their skills, which is also a good practice for businessmen. Work without any restrictions on time and taxes.

Terms of studing


And it does not matter that you save 3 or even 4 years!

For 4 years of study you have a master’s degree in the UK and excellent English with a British accent.

Our help


Our company is located in Islamabad and provides visa, meeting, resettlement, registration of a contract with the university and the solution of any legal or mundane problems here.

Visa is not expensive and fees too.

You can easily get it: do it yourself.



It is also possible to get a scholarship. For excellent study and if you have additional grounds, for example, you are from a depressed region (certain regions where the political situation is unstable or hostilities are taking place), then you can also get a good discount on tuition.

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