What is migration consulting and how to make money on it

Consulting Consulting … The word is popular, but what is hidden under it is not always clear. When we see a company calling itself a consulting agency, on the one hand we understand that its specialists are advising someone in something. But on the other hand, we don’t imagine at all who and what (the statement does not apply to people who are engaged in this business, although sometimes to them too).

Own consulting business. How to make money on consulting
In general, consulting is the activity of advising a company, or rather its managers, or managers of various levels on financial, technical, technological, managerial and other issues. That is, in fact, this is such a comprehensive sphere that the eyes can run apart. And precisely because it is not immediately clear what the company is doing.

But it is clear that the specialists working in it should really be specialists with a capital letter. Since they are obliged to understand the area in which they will advise better than anyone else, including the heads of firms, since they are the employers of consultants.

Accordingly, considerable money is spinning there. Usually the services of professional consultants cost oh how cheap. Indeed, the profits of the entire company and its success depend on their services.

Why is it difficult to open a consulting agency?
Because opening just a consulting agency means opening a firm that will provide highly professional consultants in most areas. And it’s just physically impossible to find so many specialists. And even if you find them, how can you hire them. You will have to spend huge amounts of money, which are easier to invest in another business.

Relying on the fact that you will find specialists, and you will pay them only a percentage of transactions – is not an option. This is disadvantageous in the first place for specialists who will sit around while you are trying to find clients. And looking for them from scratch is a long and thankless task.

There is another option – outsourcing. This is when you hire specialists to order yourself. That is, first you find an order for consulting services. Then, under this order, find and hire a specialist. But then again, the ride is far from always. First of all, the question will arise from your potential client – but actually, why do you need him? When he himself can contact this specialist and pay a lower price, because it will be without your commission.

If you do not tell the client that you are looking for a specialist on the side, then what will you trump? Lack of specialists? Question.

And there is another way to deal with the problem of starting. Find a franchise offer from a company that wants to capture a niche in regions that are not yet accessible to it. There is a much better chance of finding a really working proposal here.

But even if you type in the search engine the query “franchise of a consulting agency”, you will get a slurred result. In fact, “guglyandex” will give you offers for buying a franchise from various consulting firms. But all of them are not engaged in consulting at all. And quite specific. Most often it is legal consulting, accounting. There are also recruitment consulting (read – HR agencies), marketing and advertising consulting (again – isn’t it better to contact a good advertising agency?).

There are also franchises that try to combine several areas of consulting. But there is not a single one that would concentrate business consultations in all possible areas of its activity. And if a firm is engaged in both legal consulting and marketing, then the likelihood that it is also engaged in management – tends to zero.

Hence the conclusion, to which we actually went. There is no need to strive to open a consulting agency with a wide profile. It is more profitable and more reliable to focus your search on a specific niche. It remains to understand – which one.

Which consulting is best for business
We have already mentioned that managerial consultations related to the general direction of the company and its development vector are the most “monetary” ones. And legal and accounting consulting are the most common.

But what if you consider a niche that is still practically not occupied? This is first. And, secondly, to focus not only on the business-to-business sector, but to reach an audience that will also consist of ordinary consumers?

You can be skeptical about this, but there are such niches. Most likely, because the work in them is quite difficult, and also because at first glance it is not clear how many potential clients there are in this niche in order to join it with great pleasure with your startup.

Migration Consulting

These niches include migration consulting. In fact, the sphere can accommodate many more entrepreneurs. And the size of the potential audience is great.

The essence of migration consulting is to provide competent advice to citizens on their stay and employment in the Russian Federation. Naturally, foreign citizens.

Here the question may arise – what, you have to work with foreigners? Why complicate the business? The answer is simple. Migration centers can deal not only with issues for foreigners. Our citizens also need answers to questions if, for example, they had the idea of ​​moving to permanent residence in another country.

What is good in the first place – there really can be many customers. Issues related to migration to the Russian Federation are actually frequent. And as practice shows, their number is only increasing.

What is good in the second place – so far those who are professionally engaged in consulting citizens on such issues are few.

Franchise Cons

Standard disadvantages of buying a franchise (no matter in which area):

  • Business still does not become completely yours. You are acting under the patronage of the head office.
  • You have to pay lump-sum fees and royalties.
  • No one can give you guarantees that there will be a successful launch, a quick start, and a trouble-free exit to net profit. The only thing that a truly franchisor can guarantee is its involvement in the process of establishing your business.

However, all these disadvantages are easily outweighed by the advantages that can be obtained by working under a franchise agreement. But only if both you and the franchisor understand the full responsibility of your joint work. Here we have smoothly come to the point of relentlessly repeating in each article (otherwise, no way).

Always check all information. Do not limit your offer to the franchisor. It describes only what is beneficial to describe. After getting acquainted with KP, do not be too lazy to make a list of questions that you would like to receive answers for a complete picture of how the work on the franchise will be built. And after that, contact the representatives of the company you are interested in and find out everything directly, the benefit is to make it simple. For example, on the page of any verified franchise in our catalog there is a form with which you can do this. See for yourself.

Franchise “UIP”

We have already mentioned that this niche is not yet fully occupied. However, even there you can already find franchised offers.

So, for example, you can pay attention to the “UIP” franchise.

We are the only company (perhaps so far) that offers immigration services for all segments of the population, regardless of the field of activity and income level, and we have offices in Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

To find an unoccupied niche in our time is a difficult task.

For future franchisees it will be interesting

A franchise does not imply a royalty. There is only a lump sum. 50 thousand dollars. But the amount by the standards of business is still not fabulous.

Compulsory training in 2-3 months. In fact, this is very important information. The franchisor, who himself educates his franchisees and makes sure that a professional works under his brand, and is not limited to transferring manuals, deserves attention like no other.

Exclusivity on the territory if your city has a population of less than 1 million.

But still, our article is not devoted to advertising the company, so you can read about the other advantages on the franchise page in special article.

There, by the way, pay attention to the fact that the calculation of the profit that the franchisee should receive is described in sufficient detail.

5 comments on “What is migration consulting and how to make money on it

  1. I myself am engaged in a similar business (I own a visa center in Lahor), I plan to buy a franchise. I studied the business model of the “Second Passport”, I think there is a prospect. The number of people wishing to move to another country, or at least to draw up documents there, has been growing for a year now.

  2. I chose among several franchises. First of all – among the franchises of visa centers. “UIP” attracted by the fact that the list of activities is much wider. Especially since I know from my friends how relevant is the topic of immigration.
    It was difficult to find immediately $ 50,000 of personal funds for the entrance fee. But he invited a friend to work together – that’s how he found a partner.
    Now we are going through training together. The course “Fundamentals of Immigration Consulting” is very interesting, I realized how much I did not know about immigration and various programs …
    I think that we made the right choice. They believed in “UIP”, and now they are among the first to open an office under this name.

  3. Yesterday I flew back from UAE, and a week ago, I was sure that the issue of obtaining a visa was closed for me forever. The fact is that during a conversation at the embassy, ​​a couple of months ago, I received a visa refusal. I already dropped my hands, but my friends advised me to contact UIP. Arriving at the office of the company, they listened to me attentively and assured me that not everything is as bad as it seems. Having promised to help, they really did a lot, quickly helped to reassemble and fill out all the documents, qualitatively prepared for a new interview, well, and as a result of their work, this is my visa. Thanks for the work “UIP”.

  4. Our family used UIP services when applying for a visa to UKraine. We turned to them on the recommendation of friends and at the first communication there was almost no doubt that everything will go well. Thanks to UIP, we were able to make an appointment for an interview in Islamabad. The telegram mailing list helped – it works much faster than e-mail, I advise everyone to subscribe to it.
    The visas were obtained despite the meticulousness of the visa officer. The UIP employee gave us very detailed instructions before the interview, so none of the officer’s questions came as a surprise to us.

  5. I’m from the city of Pakistan. Almost a year ago, I bought a second passport franchise and did not regret it. New franchisees can give advice: for successful work, be sure to carefully study the product/service sold, listen to what the main office says (they have a lot of experience in this business) – and you will succeed. The immigration market is booming, with 100 calls a day.

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