Among our services you can find

Among our services you can find:

Visa and residence permit processing

– we will help you not only collect documents, but also tell you all the nuances, knowledge of which will help you quickly and easily get official permission to stay in the country

Employment opportunity

– our database contains thousands of vacancies around the world, and they are constantly updated. You do not need to have a specialty in the IT field or be a narrow-profile specialist to find a well-paid job. If necessary, we will help you get settled even in the first week of your life in the country, so that you can immediately start earning a living.

Study abroad

  • We fully understand the desire of young people and their parents to study at a foreign University, whose diploma is highly valued in any country. Therefore, we cooperate with many European and American Universities and will help you with admission to the chosen educational institution.
  • Buying and renting real estate
  • Since this is the first question that arises when moving, we pay special attention to it. We will help you find housing right after you arrive in a new country and make sure that the price is correct, the documents are correct and the apartment or house is in a good location Business migration
  • For those who want to open foreign branches, transfer their company abroad or open foreign accounts to facilitate foreign exchange operations, we also have favorable offers. Our auditors and accountants will accompany you at all stages and help you create your European, American or Asian business.

Political asylum

  • contrary to the name, it is not only about persecution because of political views, but also about victims of nationalism, sexism, homophobia, intolerance to faith and other unpleasant manifestations of society. This also includes administrative pressure from the authorities and lack of protection from law enforcement agencies. Therefore, if you have reason to fear for your life, we will help you emigrate to a safe country where you will not be in danger. Childbirth and treatment in foreign clinics
  • medicine is needed both in pleasant cases (birth of a child) and in sad cases when treatment is required. In any case, it should be highly qualified specialists who are not afraid to trust their health. We understand how difficult this time is, so we lead our clients literally “by the hand”, helping to understand all the subtleties of the medical system and creating comfort around the patient, so that he does not have to face unnecessary stressors. Social adaptation – the first months after emigration to a new country are always stressful. You need to have time to simultaneously do everything that is normally distributed over a long time – find a job and housing, get insurance, arrange children in kindergarten or school, rent a car, and much more. Add to this the fact that everything happens in unfamiliar conditions, where the rules of the game are not clear. We will accompany you after you move until you fully adapt and feel confident in your new place.
This is not a complete list of what we do. After all, what we do is called “turnkey emigration”. It includes many stages, each of which will be performed at a high professional level. We will guide you from making the decision to emigrate abroad and choosing a country, to your full social adaptation there. Why should you contact us? Our specialists have 9 years of experience in the field of migration. All our consultants have passed the author’s training course and know the subtleties and nuances of this field. There are already more than a dozen of our branches in different cities of the CIS and their number is constantly growing. This is not surprising, because UIP is the only company that offers a choice of almost all countries that are suitable for migration, and is not limited to two or three. In other words, you don’t have to collect information on the Internet and try to determine its accuracy yourself. Everything is already posted on our website, and our staff will give you more detailed information and help you find the best solution for your situation. We want our clients to feel comfortable, and their emigration will be as easy and fast as possible. After all, the sooner this happens, the sooner they will start a new happy life! We also invite you to become not only our clients, but also to open an office of the in your city – start earning by fulfilling your dreams!  

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