WE WILL ANSWER YOUR EXPORT QUESTIONS save time and money Consultation for you is a plan for the implementation of an international task based on verified information and expert recommendations 12 years of experience in the market Foreign economic activity 100+ successfully implemented projects 75 countries of permanent partners You trust the organization and support […]


Why is it useful to you?Just watch the video … what is usually said after diagnosis, how it changes the understanding of export, about fears and trust on the way to the World If you are interested in learning an individual algorithm of actions for entering and developing in the international market, sign up for […]


Exports Our company helps foreign nationals and companies to trade with Ukrainian companies. Exports from Ukraine is a priority and the social mission of our company, which we honour. The main goods the export of which we accompany from Ukraine are: sunflower oil and sunflower seeds, butter, ice cream, wheat, peas, honey, beef, shell for […]

Immigration from Pakistan

UIP is composed of professional Agency in support of immigration processes from Pakistan to EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Denmark, Ukraine and Russia. This Agency prepares the procedures for obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits on the grounds of the employment of foreigners, registration of family relations with the citizens and other possible options. […]

Hello! UIP Company!

Welcome to UIP Pakistan. You can see the full list of countries by clicking on the link: The conpany of specialists working in the complex and each of which specializes in its own direction, focus and constantly improve their skills in specific cases of narrow specialization, combine the irreplaceable qualities of young human rights defenders […]